Monday, May 18, 2009

Democratic pluralism in Mozambique and my Mozambicanism

It has been a while since I last posted in this blog, and spit through the keyboard my latest thoughts with regards to the development of our beloved Nation, so I come back with a topic that is both current and interesting, the electoral process that will take place this year.
Going forth I have decided to post both in English and Portuguese, in order to broaden the number of people who can get feed from my discourse.
A number of blogs and news agencies have already expressed their preferences for this or that political party, and their respective electoral manifestos and/or political and social visions. I shall not be the last in line, hence I will shout out loud enough that I am a sympathiser and member of the multiparty party. I am of the opinion that a multiparty system in the election and consequently in parliament (God willing) can bring positive consequences for the country in the long run.
As our parliament (commonly known as noisy kindergarden) matures with time and hardwork, we can hope for, in the near future/or not, the generation of legislation that tackles and responds to the real needs of the electorate. However in order to materialise that we have to cry out aloud, “the parliament is a servant of the people and not the contrary.
In a number of times independent voters and/or pro-multiparty individuals are considered to stand against this or that party. How can such absurd statement mirror the reality? Can the antonym be in the same dimension with the reflection? If one is a pro-multiparty system individual, can he/she be against parties?!!! I am politically neutral, and open to electoral dating games. My vote is not a given, if one wants it, he/she will have to strive to gain it through real, positive and pro-development electoral promises.
I am pro-choice and believe that Frelimo can offer poverty-fighting solutions that Renamo, the MDM and IPADE don’t, and vice-versa. I believe that unity creates synergies and that political extremism and inflexibility is not positive for the country. Hence political parties and individuals should be willing to listen to people that don’t always agree with them, if they are to squash the nightmares that affect Mozambique. Political parties have to cease playing political games as if they were standing at the edge of enemy lines, and instead take a preponderant role of political adversaries willing to show their abilities by generating policies that deliver on the needs of the electorate and also willing to work together for the benefit of the country towards the irreversible development of the Mozambique.
It is my understanding that so far four (4) political parties have indicated that they will be part to the next general election, namely Frente de Libertação de Moçambique (FRELIMO), Instituto para a Paz e Democracia (IPADE), Movimento Democrático de Moçambique (MDM) and Resistência Nacional Moçambicana (RENAMO). I hope that other parties join this national race and spread the political power, so that the parliament becomes a broad-based representation of the will and needs of the people and not based on mere political or economic theory.

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